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Fresh, clean ingredients incorporated into any gourmet inspired home cooked meal, made in minutes is my jam!! And that is why I’m excited to share this recipe with you. It’s my version of a mediterranean vegetable garden salad - it celebrates generations of fine cooking, with the star ingredient fresh garden packed heirloom tomatoes, yellow wax beans, basil and sage, extra virgin olive oil, ground pepper and pink himalayan sea salt.  Yep it’s that easy. Feel free to add in other fabulous vegetables and herbs.

About Kim - When Im not crafting or mixing cocktails for the bar or developing our dining menu by the season or curating items at our boutique or creating our own collection of branded barware and cocktail glassware  - at Coastal Society™, you’ll find me most days dreaming up some gourmet inspired meals to serve my family.

As a side note, all of the meals that I create are gourmet inspired and super easy to prepare in one pan or in minutes.

So, follow along on my journey as we cook along the coastline curating the freshest ingredients, homemade and prepared in minutes. #coastalsociety #citygirlinacoastalworld #gourmetmealinminutes


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Welcome to Happy Hour with Coastal Society Each week we will post a new segment and recipe of a signature Hand-Crafted Cocktail we feature at the Cocktail Bar (some ingredients are top secret so we'll provide as much as we can without giving too much away). We'll provide step by step recipe instructions along with perfectly paired styling tips and other "secrets worth sharing" in the world of Mixology and Fashion. So, sit back, grab a cocktail, relax and enjoy the experience!  Fun Facts: The Bourbon Sour is one of the oldest types of cocktails. It’s unknown exactly when the cocktail...

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